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"Wearing Evil"[4] is the sixth episode of Phase One of Villainous, and also the sixth episode overall.

It follows Demencia attempting to prank 5.0.5., only to realize it was Black Hat attempting to do the same to her.


Black Hat, disguised as 5.0.5., breaks a jeweled egg, and attempts to pick up the pieces and fix it. Demencia, disguised as Black Hat, tries to scare "5.0.5." and, once doing so, reveals herself. She begins to laugh until Black Hat demonically shrieks at her. He then transforms back to his normal form.



  • This is the third episode Dr. Flug is absent from, the second being "Squeak", and the first being "Ice Cream of Fear".
    • Although 5.0.5.'s appearance is mimicked in this episode, he does not actually appear. This is the first time he has been absent from an episode.
  • Demencia wears the hat of Doofus Black Hat as part of her disguise, suggesting the clones are still roaming the manor.

Cultural references

  • A severed pair of buttocks is placed on the wall like a hunting trophy, probably as a reference to the episode "Wet Painters" of the show SpongeBob SquarePants where the character Mr. Krabs threatened to do the same to the titular character and Patrick Star.
  • A suit of armor is seen on the left side of the screen with a large red ponytail sticking out of it. This is possibly a reference to Undyne from the game Undertale, who also has this characteristic.



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