Unfortunately there have been at least 4 Villainous webisodes lost to time. We only know the titles of 5 of them.

You can somewhat figure out the order these were released in by looking at the episode URLs. Considering Villainous Festivities is about the world ending in 2012, these shorts were probably released from 2012 to 2014, as that was the last year Alan Ituriel posted something to his DeviantART account. (

Episode Title Spanish Title Order
Villainous Festivities Festividades (Vilanas) 1st
Evil Christmas (lost) Navidad Malvada  2nd
The Evil Flu La Gripe Malvada 3rd
Hooked Enganchado Unknown
I scream for Ice Cream (lost)  Unknown Unknown (Villainous Festivities as main video) (Hooked as main video)

One of the shorts may have just been this:

I scream for Ice Cream:

The reason we know there's 7 lost shorts is because of this playlist.

Thank you to the editors on the LostMediaWiki.;_2012-2013)

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