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  • IWander

    No Phase 2 for U (yet)

    September 9, 2018 by IWander

    EDIT: Thanks to ROY OUR BOY Phase 2 is here. Phase 2 is a thing. The website is filled with lies. The episode nav is coming for revenge. The episode nav is gonna kill me in my sleep. The episode nav is back and better than ever. First of all: Yay pilot teaser!! Go check it out!!!!! or else.According to the new AI Animation Studios website, the holiday shorts are considered to be Phase One shorts and not Phase Two. With the pilot releasing soon, what could this mean?!

    1. The pilot will be released with new shorts to hype it up!
    2. The new shorts will be released after the pilot to hype the actual episodes up!
    3. Something I didn't think of!

    Unfortunately I can't directly link it due to how the website is formatted, but to find out this juicy info:

    1. Go he…
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  • IWander

    Alan Ituriel visited ComicCon in Argentina. You read the title.

    Here is a video of the first part of the panel. There is a link to several more parts in the description. It has English subs, don't worry.

    Here is a storyboard shown off as well, if you'd just like to see that.

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  • IWander

    It's been one year of spreading evil across the web. For me at least, since I was the only one that joined that day.

    Let's look back a little, shall we?

    The pages created on May 20th, 2018 were:

    • The main page
    • Black Hat
    • Dr. Flug Slys
    • 5.0.5.
    • and Demencia .

    The first person to join (a few days later) was IToasterrr. Since they copied my epic original name (rude), they never edited again... they didn't even respond to my message! *sniff*

    It's been a nice ride! It feels like a long time, but also a short time.

    Thank you for joining (or lurking)!

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  • IWander

    New Discord

    May 15, 2018 by IWander

    Hello all!

    Myself and the few other people on Twitter that voted this one poll decided it was time to move to a new server. It was mostly because the old one hadn't really been active since 2017, and most people weren't editors here.

    This one revolves around the wiki! Edit to your heart's content and you get shiny new roles!

    Once you surpass 500 edits, you can pick your name's color :)

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  • IWander

    Translation awaits

    December 14, 2017 by IWander

    I haven't had as much time as I had before the school year started, so I haven't translated things as often as I used to. If you can also speak Spanish, feel free to translate these videos for the wiki. Please do not submit a translation that was not translated by yourself. Please do not translate from Portuguese either, as the dub is (most likely) not monitored by the original crew. 

    If you need help formatting an article, contact the admin team.


    Place this translation on The Lost Cases of Ooo/Transcript.

    Alan Ituriel interview:

    Place this on a blog post. 

    Black Hat talks about his co-workers:

    Place this …

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