A few people made up origins for blackhat and crew but alan ituriel has yet to confirmed wich origin story is real.

origin story # 1 : Blackhat hatched from an egg the egg came from the underground when dr flug as a child took blackhat's egg  and hatched him then overtime blackhat and dr flug got dementia and 505  and more years pass and they sell inventions to villains.

origin story # 2 alan ituriel rased blackhat then dr flug,dementia and 505 join blackhat when blackhat was in high school.

Origin story #3 Blackhat was a human but became a demon.

origin story #4 Blackhat was born in demon world but as a baby was adopted by dr flug's parents then some unkown villain killed flug's parents and Blackhat and dr flug grew up at a orphanage and years later black hat sell villains dr flug's stuff.

Origin story # 5 older or younger Blackhat came out of the ground meets dr flug (young or age 15)  who has been picked on at school Blackhat takes flug and rase him and overtime with dementia and 505 sell flug's inventions to villains

Origin story # 6 Blackhat has a grandfather and a Father who are kings of the demon world but blackhat as a baby was taken to the human world by someone or something the knew blackhat's father and that one someone or something left blackhat to be lost alive but blackhat was found by a human or person rased blackhat and overtime blackhat didn't know about his father and grandfather and blackhat selled villain stuff with his minons flug,dementia and 505.