"The Portrait of Evil"[3] is the eighth episode of Phase One of Villainous, and also the eighth episode overall. It follows 5.0.5. fixing a portrait, only for it to be moved back by Demencia.



5.0.5. enters a room, dressed like a maid, and fixes a painting of Black Hat. Demencia crawls down the wall and moves it back. 5.0.5. fixes it again. This continues until the Black Hat in the portrait slams himself against the wall of the painting, sending the manor askew, and Demencia and 5.0.5. flying out of the manor.


Cultural References

  • The portrait of Black Hat contains the first sword of Finn from Adventure Time, Octi from the Powerpuff Girls, one of Steven Universe's shirts from the show of the same name, and the tree house from Kids Next Door.
  • A portion of a portrait of Napoleon Bonaparte, Napoleon Crossing the Alps, can be seen on the right side of the screen.
  • A portrait of what looks like the kraken or Cthulhu appears on the left side of the screen.


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