The Perception of Evil[1] is the first episode of Villainous. It follows Black Hat attempting to advertise a device that brings people's worst fears into reality.

Characters Edit

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Synopsis Edit

Black Hat tells the viewer that he will be showing them a device that brings people's worst fears into reality. Dr. Flug attempts to demonstrate this and creates a somewhat unpleasant looking sandwich. Black Hat becomes enraged that this is the most evil thing Dr. Flug can think of and he takes the device, using it to create a clone of himself. The Black Hats are pleased at the results, until 5.0.5. appears, after the Black Hats angrily tell him to leave, he takes the device and creates a demonic, much more monstrous version of Black Hat, and runs away in fear. The monstrous Black Hat then uses the device to create a small, goofy looking Black Hat, at which point Demencia appears, lovingly looking at the Black Hats, happy with there now being four of him. She then uses the device to create a huge, incredibly muscular version of Black Hat, and she clings to him lovingly.

Trivia Edit

  • During the wide shot when Demencia creates the muscular Black Hat, the small goofy Black Hat can be seen eating the previously created sandwich.

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