What's this?! I don't look like that!
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Black hat Welcome Again,Soulless Creatures!
Black hat How many times have your plans been Destroyed,
Black hat By LOVE and FRIENDSHIP.
Black hat Well, (Hinting to Dr. Flug to Speak)
Dr. Flug This is the Dapura Repulsa Flower,This sensible parasite can turn Love into-Ah-Disgust,(Black hat Breaks the container holding the flower and it latches onto flug) AHHH
Black hat By entering the heart of their victims so they can corrupt it!
5.0.5 (tries to comfort flug but is pushed away)
Dr. Flug (Corrupted) Don't touch me you big fatty! Your honey pancakes are disgusting,and you don't want my opinion on your stupid reaction videos!
5.0.5 (Runs away crying)
Black hat (Rips the flower off of Flug)
Dr. Flug (Runs after 5.0.5) Oh! I'm sorry 5.0.5,I didn't mean it,it was the flower!
Black hat This flower is perfect,to turn those pestilent heroes against each othe-(Interupted by Demencia)
Demencia Is that for me
Black hat (Gives the flower to Demencia)
Demencia (The flower corrupts her envisioning of Black Hat, portraying him as a hero. Demencia laughs, but quickly throws the flower onto Black Hat, and it dies)
Black Hat Ah, but of course, it has no effect on heartless creatures like me!
Demencia Die thing, die! (Beats the flower with a bat)