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This page is for The Evil Flu, the webisode. You may be looking for the illness.
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"The Evil Flu"[1] is one of seven[2] "webisodes" of Villainous.

It follows Black Hat being sick with the evil flu.


Black Hat is coughing and sneezing, and Dr. Flug and 5.0.5. check up on him. asking how he is, to which he hisses. 5.0.5. brings over some cookies but Black Hat angrily tells him to take them away from him. Black Hat rises up and asks Dr. Flug how his condition is. Dr. Flug tells him that he has been investigating the "evil flu" and has not yet found a cure. Black Hat deduces that the only way for him to be rid of the flu is to spread it to someone else, and does so to 5.0.5. and Dr. Flug.



  • 5.0.5.'s note on the tray of cookies is Spanish for "FEEL BETTER".
    • He also signs the card as SOS, although this may just be how he writes 505 in his handwriting.



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