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Mr. Who?
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The boy is a brat, he taunts me! The other pirates taunt me! I'm the joke of the Seven Seas!

—The Pirate, "Hooked"

The Pirate is an unnamed character who first appeared in the webisode "Hooked". He is a ship captain, and the victim of an unnamed magical boy's taunting.


The Pirate wears a blue coat with a yellow vertical parting in the middle and a large brown belt over his waist with a golden buckle. He has a large blue pirate hat with a pink feather and bearing a symbol having a shape roughly resembling a pentagram minus its topmost triangle, which appears to be two coat hangers crossed together behind a skull lacking its mandible. His right hand is missing, and is replaced with a metal hook. He has brown hair, a mustache, thick eyebrows, and a scar under his right eye.

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