Can I go see my family now?

—Metauro, The Lost Cases of Boxmore

Metauro is a "professional villain" that was threatened and used to advertise Black Hat Organization's evil plans for villains. Very little is known about him.


Metauro is mostly dull red, and heavily muscled. He has a gold collar and bracelets, along with glowing yellow eyes without pupils (which turn white when they cease to emit light). He wears dark red spiked gloves, as well as black suspenders. His face seems to be hidden by a bull mask of the same color as his body, with large, thick horns, a polyhedron-like structure near its top, and two gas mask filters protruding from its lower sides.

Episode appearances


Orientation Videos for Villains


  • Metauro is likely a portmanteau of the prefix "meta-" and the Latin word tauro, meaning "bull".
  • He appears to be based off the Minotaur, a monster from Greek mythology.
  • Alongside being his voice actor, Diego Valenzuela is a big fan of Metauro.



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