Medusa is a gorgon who first appeared in "Sculpting Evil", in which her severed head was used by Black Hat to power the Medusa Device.


Medusa has scaly greyish-green skin, yellow eyes and tongue, and black lips. She has snakes for hair, which are dead along with her.


  • Petrifying Gaze: Medusa has the ability to turn anyone who looks at her into stone.

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Medusa's concept art.

  • Medusa is a creature from Greek mythology. It is unknown if other Greek mythological characters or beings also exist in the Villainous universe.
  • There is presumably more than one Medusa in the Villainous universe, as the Medusa Device is a product sold by Black Hat and would need multiple heads to power each of the machines.
  • The method by which Black Hat got his Medusa head is presumably somewhat interesting, as it was listed amongst the options for what Alan Ituriel should reveal about the series in one of his polls, along with "Who records BH videos" and "BH,Flug,Dem & 505 heights". The other options were chosen, however, leaving how he got Medusa's head to remain a mystery.[1]


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