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"Horribly Heavy"[5] is the fifth episode of Phase One of Villainous, and also the fifth episode overall.

It follows Black Hat advertising what he believes to be an anti-gravity ray gun.


Black Hat greets the viewer and tells them about his newest product, an anti-gravity ray gun. He attempts to show it off but is confused as it appears to not be a ray gun. Dr. Flug explains that is, in fact, not a ray gun, and is instead a sort of anti-gravity field generator. Black Hat tests it, which causes everything in the room to float. Black Hat becomes enraged and asks what use Dr. Flug could have seen in the device. Demencia chews on the device and presses the button, deactivating it. She presses it again, and it floats over to 5.0.5., who gets nervous and eats it.



  • During the "glitch" at the beginning of the short, a voice can be heard saying "help me".
    • In "The Perception of Evil" a hidden hexadecimal code is seen that decodes to "HELP", and in "Squeak", a post-it note is seen in the background that says "HELP ME".

Cultural references

  • A red skull next to an ink well and quill can be seen on Black Hat's desk, possibly a reference to the character Red from Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment.
  • A painting in the background references The Godfather and Al Capone.
  • Demencia's quote "We all floaaaat" is a reference to a similar quote by Pennywise the Dancing Clown from the novel It by Stephen King: "We all float down here".



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