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"Hooked"[2] is one of seven[3] webisodes of Villainous.

It follows a pirate ranting to Black Hat about a magical flying boy who is constantly taunting and making a joke out of him.


A pirate tells Black Hat that a boy and other pirates are making fun of him, and are also the reason why he has a hook for a hand. Black Hat gets distracted by a fly and kills it with an electrical fly swatter. This gives him an idea, and the Pirate asks what it is. Black Hat sighs.


  • History and Animation:
  • Studio Recording Engineer:
  • Voices:
    • Alan Ituriel
  • Music:
    • Kevin MacLeod
      • "Double Polka"
      • "Guess Who"


Cultural references

  • The "flying boy" mentioned by the Pirate is likely a reference to Peter Pan.



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