"It works, it works! Just push the big button!"

-Horribly Heavy

Doctor Flug Slys[4] is one of the main characters of Villainous.

Personality Edit

Dr. Flug creates gadgets and machines that Black Hat uses. He seems to be rather meek, and gets thrown around by Black Hat easily.

Appearance Edit

Flug wears a light bag over his head and dark goggles that shows his eye pupils. Underneath and above the two lenses are worry wrinkles and "Z" shaped eyebrows, respectively. He wears a knee-length white labcoat and orange gloves, presumably for handling chemicals. His labcoat is unbuttoned, revealing a lapiz colored shirt with a red collar. The graphic on the shirt shows a simplified, yellow explosion with a white airplane broke in half. He also wear unsaturated, lavender colored pants. His shoes are white on the front, where the laces are supposed to be, and on the soles. The sides of the shoes are red.

Appearances Edit

Webisodes Edit

Shorts Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Flugslys translates to "plane crash" in Icelandic. This may have something to relate to Dr. Flug's t-shirt, or the airplane stuck in Black Hat's manor.
  • He has both a driver's license and a pilot's license.[5]
  • He loves pancakes.[6]
  • Dr. Flug used to play the flute in elementary school.[7]

Gallery Edit

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Reference Edit

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