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Doctor Flug Slys, "The Perception of Evil"

Doctor Flug Slys[8] is one of the main characters of Villainous. He creates all the gadgets and machines that Black Hat attempts to sell.


Dr. Flug is easily manipulated by Black Hat. He appears to be cowardly, but isn't truly a wimp.[3] He is very intelligent and inventive. He seems to take a liking to 5.0.5., and a disliking to Demencia, as seen by their frequent bickering.


Flug is somewhat tall and quite lanky, with legs that are unusually long compared to his body. He wears a brown paper bag over his head, and a pair of strap-on goggles. He has a standard white lab coat and yellow gloves. He wears a baby blue shirt bearing a clip-art style drawing of a plane crash, light blue jeans, and red and white shoes.


  • Craftsmanship: Dr. Flug is the creator of most, if not all, of the gadgets Black Hat attempts to sell.
    • High Intellect: This, of course, would require a high level of intellect on Dr. Flug's part, given the complexity and sheer technological innovation of some of the gadgets.

Episode appearances



Phase One


  • Flugslys translates to "plane crash" in Icelandic,[9] and "Flug" translates to "flight" in German.[10]
    • This is likely related to Dr. Flug's t-shirt, and/or the airplane stuck in Black Hat's manor.
  • He has both a driver's license and a pilot's license.[11]
  • He loves pancakes.[12]
  • Dr. Flug used to play the flute in elementary school.[13]



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