Doofus Black Hat is a "clone" of Black Hat created by the Evil creation ray in "The Perception of Evil". He moves and speaks in a silly, almost deranged manner, and he seems to only be barely able to speak anything resembling cognizant speech. He was created by Monstrous Black Hat.


Doofus Black Hat's appearance is similar to that of Black Hat. He is shorter than him, and with skinnier arms. His hat is droopy, and patched together with a bandage and quilt patches.



  • During the wide shot of the lab in "The Perception of Evil", he is seen eating the sandwich previously created by Dr. Flug.
  • Demencia wears his hat as part of her "disguise" in "Wearing Evil", suggesting either he willingly give the hat to her, she stole it from him, or he, and likely the other "clones", were killed off between the events of the two episodes.


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