Diego Valenzuela (born in February 1986[1]), also known online under the pseudonym The Damn Beast, is a screenwriter for Villainous.[1][2]

Writing credits

Phase One

Phase Two


Beyond being a screenwriter for Villainous, Diego Valenzuela a writer of several fiction novels. His works include The Armor of God, The Unfinished World, Reverie of Gods, and Now Write! Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror.[5] He is currently also working on an upcoming novel titled The Riven God. He is also the editor in chief and founder of GameBeast, a videogame web magazine, and Wolf in a Gorilla Suit, a pop culture website. He was also a writer and punch-up for the videogame Agent Awesome.[1]

He also has done some work beyond writing. He is the host of El Beastcast, a videogame podcast, and did the lead clean/harsh vocals for the song "The God Particle" by Watercolor Butterfly.[1]


  • Diego has acknowledged this wiki page.[6]



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