We all floaaaat.

Demencia, "Horribly Heavy"

Demencia, or Dementia,[5] is one of the main characters of Villainous.


Demencia is shown to be very energetic, rebellious, mischievous, flirtatious, and a bit scatter-brained. She often acts without thinking first, which causes many of the group's problems. She can also be very difficult, and go directly against orders/rules. Demencia is madly in love with Black Hat, much to his annoyance. 5.0.5. is usually the victim of her pranks; it is implied that this is because Demencia sees 5.0.5 as weak and timid.


Demencia's outfit consists of a navy blue vest attached to a hood that resembles a reptile, presumably a dragon, mis-matched red and green sneakers, a tracking device[6] on her ankle, and long, striped stockings, of which the one on her right leg is torn. She has a long, distinctive, neon-green ponytail that comes out from behind her hood, pink bang and a mis-matched eye with yellow iris.


  • Wall Scaling: As seen in "The Portrait of Evil", she has the ability to climb walls, in a similar manner to that of a lizard.
  • Instrumentalism: As seen in "The Note of Destruction", Demencia appears to be proficient in playing guitar.

Episode appearances


Phase One


  • In the background of one of the shorts, a blueprint for what appears to be Demencia appears, suggesting she was created by Dr. Flug and/or Black Hat.
  • She is likely named after the mental illness of the same name, demencia, known in English as dementia.
    • Whether or not she actually has dementia is unclear.
  • She makes no appearances in any of the webisodes.
    • This is not because her design hadn't been thought of yet, but simply because her design wasn't fully created yet.[7]
  • Her favorite song is "Revolution 9" by the Beatles.[8]
    • Strangely, this particular song contains the famous "turn me on dead man" clue to the "Paul is dead" conspiracy.



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