"This is Black Hat! Here to turn your most disturbing thoughts into reality!"

-The Perception of Evil

Black Hat is one of the main characters of Villainous and the leader (and assumed founder) of the Black Hat Organization.

Personality Edit

Black Hat is extremely manipulative and sarcastic, so he enjoys causing pain towards others. He is a cruel and evil person, lashing out at anyone who defies him. He has a bad temperament and seems to only tolerate the other members of the organization.

Appearance Edit

Current Edit

Black Hat is known for wearing his iconic black top hat with a dark red ribbon wrapped around it. He also wears a black tailcoat and black dress pants, which are the same color as his gloves. His shoes are similar to old Victorian styled ones. He wears a monocle that is seemingly not attached to anything else. Sometimes he is seen holding a plain black cane.

He has gray colored skin. He a has a large, crescent-shaped smile, showing big, pointy, green tinted teeth.

2012 Edit

Black Hat wears a black top hat with a light pinkish-maroon band with a white curved question mark adorning the top, as well as wearing a rimless monocle. He has dark blue-gray skin, and sharp teeth. He also wears a trench coat, gray waistcoat, and a black tie. He also appears to wear black gloves.

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Trivia Edit

  • He can play both the piano, and the violin. The one he owns has strings made out of catguts.[4]
  • A "prototype" of Black Hat's design was designed back in 2008 by Alan Ituriel and uploaded to Deviantart. 
  • Black Hat is said to be in retirement, (according to the creator) due to the fact that no hero could beat him.
  • Taking his confirmed height with the top hat (2.03 meters) and subtracting that from his approximaite height without the tophat (≈1.77 meters) places the height of the tophat at 0.26 meters tall, or ≈0.85 feet tall.
  • He has been confirmed to be 2.03 meters, or about 6.66 feet tall. 666 is a number often associated with sin, the devil, and demons in general, fitting his appearance and mannerisms.

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References Edit

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