Black Hat, here to make your most wicked thoughts come to life! Literally!

Black Hat, "The Perception of Evil"

Black Hat is the primary character of Villainous and the leader (and presumed founder) of the Black Hat Organization.


Black Hat is extremely manipulative and sarcastic, so he enjoys causing pain towards others. He is a cruel and evil person, lashing out at anyone who defies him. He has a bad temperament and seems to only tolerate the other members of the organization.



Black Hat wears a black top hat with a maroon band, as well as donning a rimless monocle. He has somewhat dark grey skin, sharp, pointy teeth and a forked tongue. He wears a trench coat, a grey waistcoat, dark grey pants, a red dress shirt and a black tie. He also appears to wear dark grey gloves. His shoes are black with white spats.


Black Hat wears a black top hat with a light pinkish-maroon band and a white curved question mark adorning the top, as well as donning a rimless monocle. He has dark blue-grey skin, and sharp teeth. He also wears a trench coat, grey waistcoat, and a black tie. He also appears to wear black gloves.


  • Shapeshifting: Black Hat, on various occasions, changes his appearance in order to fool/torment others, the most notable example of this being when he changed himself into a perfect replica of 5.0.5 in order to terrify Demencia in "The Portrait of Evil".
    • Size Manipulation: Likely as an another form of his shapeshifting, Black Hat can change the size of his body to that of a giant, although he has only been shown using this ability once, in "Sculpting Evil".
  • Dark/Black Magic: As seen in "Ice Cream of Fear", he has some sort of proficiency in dark/black magic, as he is able to bring back 5.0.5.'s ice cream to a seemingly normal state, although also giving it demonic qualities.
  • Laser Vision: In "Bad Security", Black Hat killed a blue jay by shooting deadly lasers out of his eyes.
  • Charisma/Manipulation: Black Hat, as a salesman, uses various forms of charisma and manipulation to convince other villains to buy his inventions.
  • Portal Creation: As shown in "Squeak", Black Hat seems to be able to open portals (possibly to the underworld, as shown by the ghosts coming out of the portal he opened).
  • Instrumentalism: As seen in "The Note of Destruction", Black Hat appears to be proficient in playing piano/organ.
  • Singing: He has the ability to proficiently sing. He also tends to make people go insane with his singing.[5]

Episode appearances



Phase One


  • Counting his appearance as a "living painting" in "The Portrait of Evil", Black Hat has never been absent from an episode, and is the only character to never do so.
  • He bears a resemblance to Count Bleck from the video game Super Paper Mario, namely in the sharp teeth, monocle on their left eyes, large top hats, formal attire, and of course in the fact that they are both evil.
  • He is named after the term "black hat", which refers to the villain of a Western film.[4]
  • He can play both the piano, and the violin. The one he owns has strings made out of catguts.[6]
  • He likes neither cats nor dogs.[7]
  • He doesn't need to sleep.[8]
    • Whether or not he actually can sleep is debatable.
  • A "prototype" of Black Hat's design was designed back in 2008 by Alan Ituriel and uploaded to Deviantart. 
  • Black Hat's modern design was made at some point around 2015, as art posted by Ami Guillén depects him as such.[9] 
  • Black Hat is said to be in retirement, however, he is still attempting to run a business by selling evil items to villains despite this. This is due to boredom.[10]
  • Taking his confirmed height with his top hat (2.03 meters)[1] and subtracting that from his approximate height without his tophat (≈1.77 meters)[2] places the height of his tophat at 26 centimeters, ≈0.85 feet, or ≈10 inches tall.
  • He has been confirmed to be 2.03 meters, or about 6.66 feet tall.[1] 666 is a number often associated with sin, the devil, and demons in general, fitting his appearance and mannerisms.



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