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"Bad Security"[3] is the seventh episode of Phase One of Villainous, and also the seventh episode overall. It follows Black Hat advertising a security system for one's home, but due to a mistake by Dr. Flug, he is unable to re-enter his manor.



Black Hat greets the viewer, showing off his latest product, a security system. Dr. Flug joins in and demonstrates how it works. Black Hat wishes to go back inside, but can't, due to Dr. Flug not implementing a disarming function, due to him believing they would never have to turn it off. Black Hat kicks Dr. Flug over the fence so he can disarm the security from the inside of the manor. After running through a series of traps, he gets inside, only to be greeted by an even large array of traps, which all fire on him at once. Dr. Flug deactivates it and Black Hat enters the manor.


Cultural References

  • A blue bird very similar in appearance to Mordecai from the show Regular Show gets killed by Black Hat.
  • One of the kids throwing snowballs is similar in appearance to Brief from Panty and Stocking, though this may be a coincidence.
  • One of the manor's defenses is a bird in a slingshot, an obvious reference to Angry Birds.


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