Ami Guillén (born July 15, 1995[1][2]) is an artist who works on Villainous,[1] as well as being one of the artists of its comics.[3]


Ami Guillén is an adept artist, being the creator and primary artist for the webcomic Milk Toast and Maple, and also being involved in a failed project for a cartoon named Mr. Truffles and Miss Officer. Her social media accounts are regularly being updated with her most recent art.

She has been exploring her gender identity for a long time. She currently identifies as female.[1]

She has been subject to some controversy, due to some doubting the legitimacy of the Mr. Truffles and Miss Officer Kickstarter campaign, and her having drawn some risqué art of some of her underage original characters before she was eighteen. According to her Tumblr FAQ, she was the victim of a six year long mentally and physically abusive relationship at the time.[1]



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