"[grunting sounds]"
5.0.5. is one of the main characters of Villainous.

Personality Edit

5.0.5. is easily scared, and not very brave. He tends to not attempt to get involved very often, but he is also curious occasionally.

Appearance Edit

5.0.5 is a large, sky-blue anthropomorphic bear. His underside is a paler blue. He has a yellow, four-petaled flower on the top of his head. His muzzle is tan colored and has a large black nose. Inside his mouth are fangs in the top row of the teeth. He has only has three toes and unsaturated lavender colored paws. He has circular, white eyes with black pupils. When he is cleaning the household, he would wear a maid uniform.

Appearances Edit

Webisodes Edit

Shorts Edit


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Trivia Edit

  • His voice provider is Mark Fischbach, more famously known as Markiplier on the site YouTube.
  • Much like Dr. Flug Slys, he seems to possess a fear of Black Hat.

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