It was supposed to be gloriously Evil! The most fearsome and horrible creature designed with- AAAAGH!!! Just remembering makes me fill with disgust. NEXT QUESTION!

Black Hat, talking about what 5.0.5. was intended to be to an asker on

5.0.5.[1] (sometimes 5.0.5,[6] and previously SOS[7]) is one of the main characters of Villainous. He is a failed experiment created by Dr. Flug.


5.0.5. is easily scared, and not very brave. He tends to not attempt to get involved very often, but he is also occasionally curious. Much like Dr. Flug, he seems to possess a fear of Black Hat.


5.0.5. is a large, sky-blue anthropomorphic bear. His underside is a paler blue. He has a yellow, four-petaled flower on the top of his head. His muzzle is tan colored and has a large black nose. Inside his mouth are fangs in the top row of the teeth. He has only has three toes and unsaturated lavender colored paws. He has circular eyes with white sclerae and black pupils.

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